Revolutionizing Home Expansions

No-Move Second Story

Home Additions

Another Story... More Space, Less Hassle

Revolutionizing Home Expansions

No-Move Second Story Home Additions

Another Story... More Space, Less Hassle



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The Another Story Difference

Why Choose Another Story?

While traditional methods mean moving out, added housing costs, weather delays, and risk to your home's interior;

"Another Story" eliminates these challenges for a seamless renovation.

Add the Space That You Need With Less Hassle and Stress!

Cost Effective

Our innovative Another Story method is cost effective compared to outdated traditional approach to adding a second story.

No- Move Method

Another Story doubles the useable square of your home without limiting access to your existing first floor.

Quick & Seamless

Eliminate unknown construction delays typical of the outdated second story installation process.

Reduce Risk of Damage

Our step-by-step process reduces the risk of damage to the existing interior of your home.

Real Homes, Real Transformations

Hear from Our Happy Homeowners

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Commonly Asked Questions About Another Story

What will my home look like after adding a second story?

We understand the importance of visualizing changes to your home. That's why we've curated a gallery of transformations for you. Our before-and-after pictures showcase the dramatic and beautiful changes a second story can bring. Dive into our gallery to witness the potential transformation of your home.

How much does it cost to add a second story?

Financial considerations are paramount when planning home improvements. At Another Story, we believe in transparent pricing. While costs can vary based on specific requirements, we provide a detailed cost breakdown to ensure you understand every aspect of the investment. For a tailored estimate specific to your home, feel free to book a call with us.

Is adding a second story worth the investment?

Adding a second story is more than just expanding space; it's about enhancing your home's value, functionality, and aesthetics. Many homeowners find the investment worthwhile, not only for the immediate benefits but also for the long-term value it adds to the property. We're here to help you weigh the pros and cons and determine if a second story aligns with your goals and vision.

I'm concerned about the disruption of adding a second story.

How does your method differ?

Traditional methods of adding a second story often involve significant disruption, including removing the roof. At Another Story, our innovative technique ensures a smoother and more efficient process, minimizing disruption and making the expansion process more seamless. Explore our method to discover the benefits and ease it brings to home expansion.

Why Homeowners Prefer Another Story...

No moving required

No short term renting

No disruption to commutes

Dustless renovation

Privacy protected

Less risk to possessions

UNLOCK Your Home's Potential

Jaw Dropping Design and Digital Renderings

At "Another Story", collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We work closely with homeowners from the outset, ensuring that the architectural plans, both exterior and interior designs, align perfectly with their vision.

Our team engages in detailed consultations, understanding individual preferences, needs, and aspirations. By integrating feedback and refining designs, we ensure that every element is tailored to the homeowner's satisfaction before commencing construction on the second story.

This meticulous process guarantees that the final result is not just an addition, but a seamless extension of the homeowner's dream.

Step-by-Step Another Story Process

What it's like to work with us

Day 1: Initial Phone Call

The first step in the process is to sign up for a free 15 minute “ask the expert” phone call. During this call we will get to know you and ask a series of questions to determine if your home is a good candidate based on several key factors.

Week 1-4: Feasibility Study

We will get to know you and your family, the site and the goals you have for your home. This information helps us conceptualize the scope of work. From this, we will put together a high-level budget. This will allow you to fully understand the requirements and constraints moving forward. The Needs and options delivery includes the sketch and high level budget (a la carte components of your specific goals). This process is a paid service. The Needs and Options report is YOURS TO KEEP.

Week 4-6: Programming

We work to understand what style of home best fits your personal preferences, neighborhood and the scale of the homes around you (context, vernacular, style, colors/materials).

Week 6-10: Design Development

We will further refine the design of your second-story addition and amenities.

Week 8-12: Bidding / Value Engineering

Receive estimates for construction from local construction teams. Meet with pre-vetted Contactor’s. Discuss cost and value.

Week 12-18: Financing

Visit with your local mortgage brokers to see if a pre-appraised construction loan can work for you. Evaluate financing options and get preapproval.

Week 18-22: Construction Documents / Permitting

Construction drawings in accordance with local covenants to ensure compliance with all codes.

Week 22-42: Construction (Dustless)

Construction happens during business hours. No breach of first floor during this phase.

Week 42-44: Stair Installation

Installation of stairway. This phase entails some dust entering the main floor, but cleaning crews are scheduled at your convenience.

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of charge Home Self-Assessment

In case you are still undecided about what you want to do with your house, let us explain what we mean. To get your free copy of our home assessment checklist, there is no charge whatsoever! Alternatively, you can skip right to the "ask the expert" call. That’s right! In order to make this process as simple as possible, let's break it down into steps:

  • Click the button below to get a free home assessment checklist

  • Free “ask the expert” phone call where we listen and take notes.

  • If you want us to inspect your home, we show up at your door.

  • Following an inspection, we determine whether your home is suitable for a second story addition or if additional work is needed and inform you accordingly.

  • If you decide to proceed with our services, then we will do the rest for you.

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